What is Show the Cover?

Show the Cover (officially known as The Show the Cover Project) was originally born in 2017 as an Instagram account aiming to share with people the most beautiful, original, and creative cover arts from the musical universe. We have been doing this for one main reason: showing and highlighting to the world that, music and graphic design, conform to a powerful and magical symbiosis; a symbiosis that, we must point out, usually goes unnoticed among people.

Nevertheless, in 2019 we felt that we needed to go a step further, which led us to create this website. In this way, due to our strong commitment and sense of duty towards culture, our intention now is to, not only post artistic cover artworks on Instagram but also create content and share knowledge in this blog related to the main two topics mentioned before: music and graphic design.

Under the slogan “Do It for The Culture” (as a clear reminder of our task at hand), we hope to provide you with interesting information and wish, wholeheartedly, that you like the content we will be creating from now on.

Show the Cover logo
Show the Cover logo, designed by Conan Lukowski