“The Dark Side of the Moon” Album Cover Art

Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” is not only a legendary album in music history but it’s also known for its iconic triangular prism cover art. The album was released in 1973 and reached the number-one spot on the Billboard charts, where it remained for a staggering 714 consecutive weeks. In this article, we take a closer look at the story behind the memorable cover art of “The Dark Side of the Moon.”

The talented team at London-based art design group, Hipgnosis, led by Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell, was responsible for the album’s cover design. The group was given the freedom to come up with something simple and elegant, and the result was a beautiful triangular prism design. The team drew a black line spectrum indicating the colours they wanted to show and then airbrushed the prism in black on white. The Pink Floyd members chose the design from several proposals presented by Hipgnosis in just a few minutes.

The triangular prism design was inspired by a standard physics textbook that showed light passing through a prism. Thorgerson emphasized the importance of a clean, elegant, and graphic design, rather than a photographic one. The design was also connected to Pink Floyd’s famous live show lighting and the themes of ambition and madness explored in the lyrics.

In conclusion, Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” album cover is a perfect example of how a simple and elegant design can make a lasting impact. The triangular prism design has become synonymous with the album and remains one of the most recognizable cover arts in music history. With its connection to Pink Floyd’s live show lighting and themes explored in the lyrics, the cover art adds an extra layer of depth to an already iconic album.

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