Can I Borrow a Feeling?

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day everybody! On this special day, we are very excited to bring you all an article related to love. Don’t worry, we are not going to talk about boring stuff like the power of love or the inner workings of our minds while falling in love, but we’ll devote this article to the Spanish millennial boy band, Cupido.

Cupido is the joint venture started in 2018 between trap artist Pimp Flaco and the indie-pop band Solo Astra (formed by Al García, Tony D, Dannel and Luichi Boy). Therefore, Cupido is the sum of two completely different styles that, combined, results in a fresh and unique sound. The perfect equation!

Just one year ago the band released their debut project entitled ‘Préstame un sentimiento’ (2019), an album with eight simple and catchy songs that touch on the topic of love from different points of view. In this way, we can mention some records as ‘5 senti 2’, the portrait of a person who is suffering for not being with the woman he loves; ‘Autoestima’, a show of self-love in pure state; ‘U Know’, the representation of a couple that tries to go ahead regardless of people’s criticism; ‘Milhouse’, the story of a romance lived from austerity and sincerity; or the sledgehammer ‘No sabes mentir’, the lead single they came up with in 2018, which will take you back to the 80s.

The magic of the album can be appreciated not only in its music, but also in its artwork, inspired almost in full by The Simpsons. This can be seen, for example, in the naming of the album ‘Préstame un sentimiento’ (lend me a feeling), which is a small variation of Kirk Van Houten’s demo tape name titled ‘Can I Borrow A Feeling?’. Also, another reference to the series can be found in the cover art, which has the same design that the demo tape mentioned before. 

Kirk Van Houten's Can I Borrow A Felling?

Don’t think of the music and the aesthetic of ‘Préstame un sentimiento’ as the result of a large process of thinking and experimenting, because they aren’t. Cupido in this sense have been very clear about this: they look for simplicity in all they do, and they work directly on the beat, the melody or the lyrics just at the moment when they come out of their minds; all of this without thinking about it so much. Indeed, the name of ‘Cupido’ was born in that way. 

Finally, if you want to listen to something different and sonically distant from the current standards of pop culture, we think that this album will definitively live up to your expectations.